• Ashley Graham

The Quarantine Dilemma

To say that time has stopped would be an understatement, because it hasn't. It is still moving on with a pace that does not stop for any man- dead, alive or struggling to live within the confines of his own prison.

Everything turned upside down, everything. My entire life was built around these ideas that I had set, that I wanted to achieve.

What does a pandemic of this nature do to a young person who has just started out?

It would be difficult to talk about it in the future, years from now. Just the mere mention of the year will ignite a memory long buried deep in the crevices of my emotional locker. Funny enough, it was the one year I was certain enough that it would be special, different. Well there is no arguing that isn't?

When it started, the year had a nice ring to it. I remember wanting to accomplish a lot of things this year. I was already aware of a work trip in the first month and in the next month a great opportunity presented itself before me. It was great. I wanted to document each and everything that I did for my personal growth and track record.

However, I ended up in a complete AU. I mean obviously an outbreak of this nature had been predicted beforehand but it couldn't do anything to prepare ourselves for the harsh reality.

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